BSS-15 EcoSpeed

Our fully automatic and easy-to-use BSS-15 EcoSpeed ​​wraps high-speed buttons in a staggering 0.5 seconds of consistent precision and unprecedented minimum yarn consumption.

The new wrapping head and the new cutting mechanism, both patented, the 360 ​​° all-around thermofusion paired with the clamping force of our elastic thermo-heatsealing yarn guarantee the highest possible button security.

Functional description:

BSS-15 can wrap all button shanks up to 3 mm length.

Its Motor wraps the button shank in only 0.5 seconds. the wapped button shank in heat-sealed all around afterwards. Finally the end threads are ripped off automatically and  ejected.

Its new whipping head and thread cutting mechanism Keep distances short for speedy wrapping and economical use of the threads. It is often applied in shirt production, allowing a very slim and tight button shank. You can wrap individual parameters in each of the 3 program memories. Der softtouch-screen is coloured and user-friendly. We can program all language at the Moment we have 21 languages programed.  

Performance: 1900 buttons / per hour incl. handling
Yarn consumption: up to 11000 Buttons per cone
Voltage: 100/240V single phase
Particularities: button holder
all around
adjustment range: 10-99 wraps
Weight: 11 kg net
gross 16 kg
Dimensiones: L 50 cm W 42 cm H 43 cm
button types: all sewn flat buttons except shank buttons
Garment types: Jackets, Pants, blouses, Shirts, Outerwear, Sportswear etc..