Ascolite stands for sustainability and ecology

Starting 2019 we produce our yarn even more environmentally friendly:

  • Ascolite® TF yarn is produced up to 40% with recycled polyester filaments; to reach 100% is our goal.
  • Ascolite® TF yarn comes on FSC paper cones instead of plastic cones

Ascolite® continues to follow the technical developments for protecting the environment.

Our Ascolite® button security system is sustainable in its basic idea because it prevents unnecessary trips to the alteration tailor shop and it increases the lifetime of a garment. Producing clothes that last no longer than one year often end up in the collection or waste. This is not ecological. Even if a garment finally lands in the clothing collection, and all the buttons are intact, it can still be used as such. On the other hand, if a button is missing, it will no longer be used as a garment, but will only be recycled as the fiber material.

Since 1995, Ascolite® TF yarn has been produced exclusively in Switzerland and in Germany from Ökotex certified ecologically harmless materials.