Ascolite® – The inventor and market leader of thermofused button shank wrapping

Loose buttons and button loss are a widespread problem causing unnecessary nuisance.
Ascolite is the solution!

The Ascolite® system

Our unique Ascolite® button security system is the combination of a button-shank wrapping machine (BSS Models 8, 13, 15 or TwinHead) with the special elastic "Ascolite® -TF" thermo-fusible yarn.

The sewing thread with which the button is sewn on the fabric is wrapped tightly with our high-elastic thermofusible yarn under great tension and thereby clamped in so it cannot unravel anymore.

Then the wrapping is heat-sealed, resulting in a flexible, permanently secured, easy-to-button and perfect-looking button shank.


Ascolite® stands for the finest of button shank wrapping. Button shanks wrapped with the Ascolite® system remain tight and look immaculous, unsolvable thanks to heat-sealing. Therefore button loss is prevented for the lifetime of the garment.

Ascolite®TF-yarn is ecological and free of toxins, certified according to Oekotex standard 100, appendix 4, product section 1 for baby articles, complying REACH standards, M&S- and Hugo Boss- quality-standards.

It withstands all kinds of washing cycles up to 60°C as well as ironing, rubbing and dry cleaning and even tunnel finisher-treatment up to 140°C without any visible impact.


The Ascolite® "EcoSpeed" generation
The fastest and most yarn-efficient button shank wrapping machine in the world becomes the new benchmark !


Our fully automatic and easy-to-use BSS Model 15 EcoSpeed wraps buttons in a staggering 0.5 seconds in consistent precision with unprecedented minimum yarn consumption.

The new winding head and the new cutting mechanism, both patented.



At Ascolite, after-sales service plays an important role. Thanks to our own branches and our dense network of agents, we can offer service worldwide in the shortest possible time.